The websites that we build for local businesses result in more customers, appointments, and sales.

Northrise Digital specialise in web design in Edinburgh and offer bespoke pricing for all types of businesses and industries. We focus on building and designing mobile responsive and fast websites as these dominate the search engines. Simply put, our attention is focused on conversions, our web designs encourage visitors to act. There is no point having a website if you aren't getting customers from it.

Web Design in Edinburgh Sales

Turn Your Website Into a Full-Time Salesperson

You wouldn't hesitate to let go off a salesperson who wasn't doing their job properly and not getting your company any sales.

So why would you hold onto a website that isn't performing?

Web design in Edinburgh is a tricky business. Some businesses may try to make their own if they have a tight budget. Unfortunately, once they realise how complicated it is they are in too deep and just don't have the expertise or time to properly do it. Other businesses may have created a website in the past and left it to lie dormant for many years without any updates. We are here to help you reinvigorate your web design. Contact us today to speak about how we can improve your web design and overall digital presence.


Stop Losing Potential Clients!

Picture this: John is searching online for a cleaning company to hire for his new business. He finds your website that is out of date, not user friendly and very basic. Then he comes across your competitors website that is up to date, clean and has well thought out sales copywriting on it. What business is he more likely to contact?

A website is the foundation of your digital presence. You can spend all the money in the world on other forms of marketing (online ads, radio ads, local magazines etc) that all lead back to your website, and if your web design isn’t up to scratch then guess what – no conversions. We specialise in websites that convert! Using copywriting techniques/ proven photo placement methods and perfectly placed "Call to action" buttons your new website will be a perfect sales system leading to an increase in customers reaching out to you. We are here to help, Get your free website audit now.

Responsive Display for Web Design in Edinburgh

Mobile Web Design in Edinburgh

Googles algorithm is built in such a way that mobile friendly websites are indexed and ranked higher than non-mobile friendly websites. With over 55% of all people browsing the web on mobile devices it is in your business's best interests to accommodate for them. What do we produce for you? A fast loading, clean, mobile friendly responsive website that will guarantee to increase your sales.

Web Design in Edinburgh speed test

Is Your Business Website Lagging Behind Its Competition?

Google will penalise your website if it isn’t optimised.

By optimised we don’t mean any fancy colour schemes and animations. We mean simple things like responsiveness. How fast does it load? Is the content on it good? Does it use the latest code? How does it look on a mobile device? These simple things are paramount for your online presence, without them you can guarantee your competitors are taking all your online customers. As mentioned, we don’t focus on any fancy animations, we concentrate on developing a solid sales system for your company. Targeting specific audiences, showing them what your business has to offer and leading them to take a desired action that suits you (call you, submit a contact form, subscribe to your email list, etc). Attracting more genuine customers, without wasting your time trying to attract them! Let us help you. Contact us today!

web design in Edinburgh asset or liability

Your Website Should Be An Asset Not a Liability

We see so many businesses spending money on ads on either Google or social media to increase their website traffic in the hope of making more sales. They are gaining traffic through these ads but are still not making any sales. Why is this? Slow loading websites that are not responsive, have poor copywriting and have no real call to action plan. Therefore, all the money they are spending on ads (which isn't cheap) is going down the drain! Don't fall into this trap. Your website should be an asset not a liability.

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What Our Clients Say

Northrise Digital done an amazing job with our new website and it was well needed. Our current clients have complimented us on it already and we now have the confidence to start an ad campaign to gain more business, now that we know our website is presented in a user friendly and professional way.

Aaron - Managing Director at Greenleaf Cleaning Services

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